Sunday, April 8, 2007

Cats and dogs rule, but PETA drools

I must warn all who read this, there are links in this blog that lead to extremely disgusting things. Most of them are acts of PETA, and its founder, Ingrid Newkirk. There is even a link that is less disturbing, of an animal shelter putting dogs and puppies down. Children should not read/view this blog.

For as long as I can remember, I have never much cared for fanatics of any type. PETA members have been no exception, as many of them approach the subject of being kind to animals as being at least as important as saving a childs' life. If you ask me, some of them would strangle a child so that an ape wouldn't have a new medicine tested on it.

Besides not caring for fanatics, I also believe that man, as the creature in the top spot of the food chain, has a right to use the creatures below him in the furtherance of his own needs. Leather jackets may keep you warm, but fur coats look really awesome while keeping you warm. Animal meat is an abundant(not to mention tasty) food source, and I would damn sure strangle a million apes, with my bare hands, just to possibly save the life of a single, good for nothing, but human, crackhead.

Recent events in my personal life, however, have caused me to look a little more deeply at the group. I have always corked off about how PETA is for the birds, but never thought more of the organization than as a bunch of money hungry stars, looking for a tax write off, while being kind to animals. This has led me to some startling revelations.

My first mistake, apparently, was in thinking PETA is kind to animals. What PETA wants is ethical treatment of animals, which apparently has nothing to do with kindness. One may ask how I come to this conclusion, and that can be summed up in one question. Is killing any living being a kindness? Some would say that killing unwanted animals is a kindness. I must ask of these people why don't we kill unwanted humans, then? Hopefully, the answer would be that being human is different, humans are more important than animals! While true, killing is never a kindness, but may be a necessity. PETA obviously agrees with this, as they believe animals should be put down when unwanted. Not only that, but they will promise to find a good home for your animal, and then kill it. The only argument they seem to have with this is how the animals are put down. Seems they believe there is only one humane way to do it, according to one website. It is even a remote possibility that they are correct. Their way of doing it is certainly better than the way this NC animal shelter is doing it, but how about supporting these animal shelters so they can afford to be more humane? Why do we need to feed Hollywood's tax shelter?

So PETA is not interested in being kind to animals, but is interested in animals being treated ethically. Now, how do we define ethics, then? Here are a bunch of definitions, but it all adds up to the same thing, and that is that ethics are in the eye of the beholder. A search of wikipedia for ethics shows that the definition changes according to the person attempting to define the word. So, who is it exactly that has decided to define ethical when it comes to the treatment of animals?

Ingrid Newkirk is the one who seems to have decided what is ethical. Here is a page that glorifies what she has done. At first glance, this seems a very worthwhile cause that does many great things. It is with only a little digging that other opinions start to surface. I personally would love to have a Newkirk wallet to sit my ass on every day, under an Ingrid foot umbrella, while eating Newkirk nuggets. That is just the first hint at the dark side. This site calls for the resignation of Newkirk, but to me personifies most of why PETA drools. Read away, and then I shall start my next paragraph.

So, by now you should be somewhat disgusted by what PETA, and specifically what Ingrid Newkirk is doing. On average, PETA kills 80% of the animals it takes in. It does NOT support No-Kill shelters. Their arguments sound good, but in the end say the same thing. Kill more animals! For crying out loud, this says it all, PETA hates our pets so much, they want ZERO population growth. With ZPG, all of our pets will be dead within 2 decades, then not a single soul could have a loving pet, or a seeing eye dog(PETA doesn't want you to use those either, blind people, better a blind human stumble into traffic, or live in a confined space, than an animal be made a "slave"). Hell, in the last link, you can find all kinds of things to be outraged about. Ingrid admits PETA is only 10% celebrity and truth, so that, in my book, is 5% truth, which leaves 95% (!) for lies. PETA hates our pets so much, they want them gone within 2 decades, twenty years.....excuse me, but they can get fucked, I love having my cats around!

Wait a minute, why is this organization still around? That last link even has her admitting she, condones violence, hates kids so much they shouldn't be born(which by concatenation means she thinks humans should die off too, hmmmm, she must even hate herself, since she is human too!), is a press slut, wants to defile a grave site(Col Sanders), SUPPORTS VIOLENCE(FUCK CAN I STOP WRITING IN CAPS?)(NO!) THIS ASSHAT, HIGH UP IN PETA, SUPPORTS IT HERE! His name is Bruce Friedrich, and he is PETA’s vice president of International Grassroots Campaigns.

So let me get this straight, this is what all the PETArds in the world are trying to tell me; It is OK to blow up the works of men, and harm your fellow human, if that human is eating/wearing/using an animal; That all pets should die; That no one should have a pet; Human life is worth less than animal life; It is OK to eat a human, but not a cow; Yet, and get this, it is major, PETA says this ALLOT;


How is this ethical? FUCK! How is this even legal?!?!

Do yourself, your money, and animals a favor. Do not donate a dime to PETA. If you want to help animals, give money to your local humane society, or animal shelter, or the SPCA. PETA can go on being a tax shelter for those rich, talentless, yet big boobed idiots in Hollyweird, but they don't need money, attention, or time from those of us who live in the real world.

As I write this, I grow more incensed, and tend to drift a little. I hope you, the reader, will forgive me this in this one article. I will be better by tomorrow.

Want more reasons to hate PETA? It is easy, just Google PETA, and hot damn, more reasons will come up to hate them than to support them. That should say it all.


Anonymous said...

wooooooooooooooooooooow never woulda thought this stuff was true if you didnt have so much proof

Anonymous said...

wooooooooooooooooooooow never woulda thought this stuff was true if you didnt have so much proof

Ayla said...

I thought that you knew that the PETArds were that cruel. Of course I want a new meaning for PETA People Eating Tasty Animals. Then again i also think that they should be treated "ethically".

Coyote said...

i just used to think they had a few screws loose now i know that tese people are compleatly nuts
i am compleatly disgusted by them now .They need to be treted as "ethicly" as they are treating mans freinds and compaions

pope said...

dude, you seriously opened my eyes. i never thought that PETA was capable of these things and more :/

Edda said...

Well said.