Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Must be a Dilettante

I am continually looking at this site. I watch for page views, and I think about writing more. The problem is I never seem to find the energy to write anymore. So much for my commitment to blogging!
I have so many ideas! I can never seem to focus on one long enough to write about it though. I guess that makes me a dilettante!
Where to begin? I have read so much about this countries disenchantment with the government because of the war in Iraq, when there are, to me, so many more things to be worried, concerned, and totally pissed off about.
The so called war on drugs. Prohibition does not work, period.
Why do we want a democrat as president? Is a black man, or a woman going to be able to do anything different?
Why do we want a republican in office for that matter?
Why is religion so important in politics? How is it possible that we still allow magic mumbo jumbo to still influence our daily lives?
Why is it that the most fuel efficient cars are either not sold anymore(Ford Festiva, or Geo Metro), or have an added price of $5,000 added to them just because they are sold in the US(The Smartcar)?
Why is good medical care so hard to procure?
For that matter, and this is also very close to my heart, why is Dental Care so out of reach for so many of us?
How about how hard it is to just feed my family, let alone pay my rent?
My children would benefit greatly from college, most likely would complete a course of study, and move on to benefit the world in general, but how the heck am I going to afford for them to go? How can they afford it?
Why is it seemingly so hard for people to be courteous on the road?
Why is the world full of blithering idiots?


Do you see my problem? These few lines do not even come close to scratching the surface of my thoughts, I have way too many.

Does anyone else feel this way?

First one to write a comment suggesting which one of the above thoughts for me to blog about will have their wildest dreams come true, I promise!

Hey, that is as good a promise as religion makes, and just as likely to come true.......