Monday, January 8, 2007

Explaining Pauls Way

To begin, I feel that I must expand on what I wish this blog to be about. I am a highly opinionated man with a lot of ideas about how our world could be better. I do not truly believe that it should all be Pauls Way, but I could point out a lot of things that are worse than my way, and will. I aim to write as often as possible about the things I read and hear about. I may also throw in some thoughts on books, movies, music, and other media, but I mainly want to address issues that bother, inspire, or otherwise pique my interest. I hope that any of you out there in webland that stumble across this will pause a moment or two to think about some of the things I say. I may not change your mind, but hopefully I can open it just a bit.
I certainly welcome comments, especially those that disagree with me, as they may help pry open my somewhat closed mind as well. Besides, I always enjoy a good argument!Just show a little respect for other readers sensibilities, and do not swear at me too often.
I would like to briefly touch upon some of the topics I will write about. The drug war, Iraq, racism, bad driving habits, tipping, immigration, workplace conditions, current events, political activism, liberals, conservatives, political nutcases, affects of TV and the Internet on peoples opinions, same sex marriage, separation of church and state, the state of organized religion, alternative fuels, global warming, and just about anything else that springs to mind.
I will also welcome suggestions for future posts, such as if one of you weblanders are interested in my opinion on a particular subject that I have yet to touch upon.
I will endeavor to be as clear and precise as possible. If I get my facts wrong, let me know, but please have a credible source to refute me with, or just your own opinion may be enough, but I doubt it.
One last note before I close this post, any sacred cows are open to prodding!
Let the games begin!

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